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06/07/17 08:33 PM #46    


Linda Johnson (Mock)

Too soon for our fearless leader, Joyce.  She won't be ready to hear that question for at least five years- maybe longer.  This takes a lot out of her, for real.  And Wanda and Nicki too. Sorry I couldn't have been more help this year.                 Linda


06/08/17 07:45 AM #47    


Lee Caviness

We all have our second wind and ready to party again. Great to see all our old pals.

06/09/17 10:29 AM #48    


Lee Caviness

Great bunch of photos from our 50th. Definitely something we will all be able to look back on and enjoy. Such a wonderful time. Thanks to Richard Cory for the photography work. Thanks to Mark Cockman and the staff at the Elks. Thanks to the reunion committee. AND, most of all... THANKS TO THE CLASS OF 1967!

06/09/17 09:00 PM #49    


William Aka Bill Wiley

I was thinking , " really I can do that",  how fast this week has passed.  Last Saturday night was really great. I enjoyed every minute.  Ed Garringer and I stood in the lot until about 1:00 a m talking. As we were leaving I noticed the front door was propped open, so we closed it and closed another reunion event. Thanks to Nicki for keeping the website open and all she has done for us.  Thanks and more thanks to Libby for so many hours of digging up names and addresses and planning. Thanks to all that really helped her. I don't take any credit I just offered a helping hand a couple times. 

 Thanks to the photographer, good coverage of all that was in attendance.

 To all that reads this: You really need to be at the next reunion, it will be a great opportunity to say hello again to old friends.  Have a great life everyone. 


06/10/17 09:03 AM #50    


Patricia Cobb (Brown)

I must say that I truly, truly enjoyed our 50th reunion. It was absolutely wonderful to see everyone looking so good!I am grateful to the committee for doing such a grand job at everything. I am looking forward to the next one. Please stay blessed everyone until we meet again.

06/10/17 04:35 PM #51    


Wanda Jones (Caviness)

The 50th BLS High School Reunion was a huge success. All of our past reunions were great as well, but the 50th year made this one very special. It was so wonderful to reunite with so many friends from over 50 years ago. The smiles - the conversations - the hugs - were all fantastic. We haven't gotten older, we have just gotten better. If you could not attend, you were certainly missed and we hope you can make it to the next one.....whenever that may be. Please pass the word along to those who were absent and tell them how much we hope they can attend our next event. If you move, change email address, phone number, address, etc. please let one of us know so our list can remain updated. Here's to more good times ahead!! Hugs to all. 

06/11/17 04:02 AM #52    


Michael Jones

The reunion pics are incredible! Once again I complement all of you who organized the reunion and especially those who were responsible for the website (Nicki?) as it continues to provide me with a virtual 50th reunion. I was thrilled to see the picture of our guidance counselor Margery Lane. It is not hyperbole to say she changed my life. If anyone knows how to get in touch with her (email, snailmail address, telephone, whatever) I would love to reach out to her. I look forward to the next reunion and hope Melaina and I can actually attend that one. Any possibility the date can be moved to May? 

06/18/17 03:38 PM #53    


Joyce Hand

Happy Father's day to all Father's & to all Mom's that have the role. Love, Joyce

03/23/18 10:28 AM #54    

Nicki DiMaria (Stewart)

From Libby Johnson Huss:

A memorial service for my sister, Cathy Johnson Deal, will be held at 1:00 pm on Saturday, March 24, at St. John's United Methodist Church, 1304 Merritt Drive, Greensboro, NC. The family will receive friends in the fellowship hall following the service.

10/10/18 08:45 PM #55    


William Aka Bill Wiley

I am on the phone with Johnny Layton as I type. We were talking about this  website. It seems no one is using it much. What a shame. We enjoy looking up old friends . 

  Happy Halloween and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone,.

Johnnu says hello.


10/11/18 08:05 AM #56    


Lee Caviness

Hello, Johnny. Hello, William. Hello, everyone. I hope all are well.

10/12/18 12:06 PM #57    


John Layton

Hi Bill and Lee !  Hope that all is well in North Carolina today !

And all our classmates are enjoying their “Retirement years” !

Every day’s a good day... but some are better !         Johnny 


01/03/19 10:54 AM #58    


Wanda Jones (Caviness)

Our fellow classmate, Wesley Buffalo, passed away this morning. He was traveling in Asheville yesterday with his wife, Martha Ann, when he suffered a brain aneurysm and was taken to hospital and placed in ICU. He passed this morning. More details to follow. 

01/04/19 09:06 AM #59    


Charlie Huntley

oh my goodness 

Wesley Buffalo.... a great friend to me my years at Smith. RestInPeace my Friend ✌️I’m so glad We hugged last Reunion. You do have the best name I shall not forget you. 

01/04/19 11:06 AM #60    

Barry Oakley

Very sad news.  Wesley was always and kind and caring person. My condolences to his wife and family.  We lost a great friend, and Heaven gained one!   Barry Oakley....



01/04/19 03:27 PM #61    


Sheila Hollifield (Bailey)

So sorry to hear about Wesley.  He was such a sweet friend in high school.  Way to soon to lose him but I agree with the previous comment that it’s heavens gain.  My prayers go out to his family.

01/04/19 07:26 PM #62    

Perry Holleman

Lib and I have recently moved to Lincolnton NC.
Our new address is 704 East Park Drive, Lincolnton NC 28092.
Happy New Year to all!

01/05/19 08:39 AM #63    

Perry Holleman

Yes, would love to have a 70th party!!!

01/05/19 11:54 AM #64    


Dick Hughes

Wesley was a good friend. Our trip to Pa. was a highlight of my high school years. I shall miss him.

01/05/19 06:39 PM #65    


William Aka Bill Wiley

I am glad I received an email re: a Birthday party/ reunion. The email then brought me to our website. 

 Now i am saddened to read of Wesley's passing.  He was a friend to all he met.  He will surely be missed. My condolences to his family.

01/07/19 11:08 AM #66    


Wanda Jones (Caviness)

So terribly sad we won't be in town for Wesley's funeral. He was a great friend and we just spent the day with him at the Wyndham Championship in August. He was happy as always and we enjoyed the day with him and his wife. Great memories of a great man. 

03/13/19 09:14 AM #67    


Michael Jones

Frank Harmon is a Raleigh architect who publishes a blog with water color sketches and short essays. He recently did one on Yum Yum Ice Cream. Thought you all might enjoy. Here's the link.



03/14/19 05:24 PM #68    


Bonnie Belaney (Kivett)

Michael, we all have our Yum Yum memories!  Love his watercolor and story.  Thanks for sharing!  

04/02/19 11:06 PM #69    


William Aka Bill Wiley

 Need to add a name to the Veteran list,  Robert LeClair  Air Force 

04/03/19 12:08 PM #70    

Nicki DiMaria (Stewart)

Bill my view of the Veterans page already shows Robert LeClair loud and clear. Am I missing something?

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