Our Veterans

"This memorial records their fame and preserves their memory.  They followed the path of duty."  

Sir Winston Churchill

Want to honor a veteran in your life?  Support the Guilford County Veterans Memorial!  


"Damn the wars but bless the soldier."  T.L. Moffitt

Jay Armfield  -  US Air Force

Mark Bell  -  US Air Force

Claude Brightwell  -  US Army

Larry Brower - US Army

Mike Brown  -  US Army

Donnie Burns  -  US Air Force

Lee Caviness  -  US Navy

Bill Chamberlain - US Army

David Clark - US Navy

Danny Cole  -  US Navy (Seabees)

Gerry Cole  -  US Air Force

Avery Dale  -  US Army

Randy Farmer - US Army

Tommy Gleason  -  US Air Force

Jim Harper  -  US Marine Corp

Wayne Hensley  -  US Navy

Perry Holleman  -  US Army

Ted Holliman - US Army

John Jefferson Langston - US Army

Robert LeClair  - US Air Force

Wayne Lilly - US Army

Danny Marsh  -  NC National Guard

Ronnie Martin  -  NC National Guard

Jay Melvin  -  US Air Force and NC National Guard

Benny Miller  -  US Army

Barry Oakley  -  NC National Guard

Jackie Perry  -  US Air Force

Randy Phillips  -  US Army and NC  National Guard

Jim Reece  -  US Army

Mike Rice  -  US Coast Guard

Mark Riley - US Army

Alton Roberson  -  US Air Force

Bill Sage  -  US Army Reserve

John Saunders  -  US Army

Ronnie Simpson  -  US Army

Richard Smith  -  US Navy

Pressley Sparrow  -  US Marines

Burley Spinks  -  US Air Force 

Johnny Street - US Navy

Ken Washington  -  US Army

William (Bill) Wiley  -  NC National Guard

Jerry Yaskiewicz  -  NC National Guard

"This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave."  Elmer Davis